WLED flash driver improves picture quality in mobile phones

Unterpremstaetten, Austria—austriamicrosystems announced the AS3645, an inductive, ultra small, high-efficiency single/dual LED flash driver that it claims offers 25% higher output current than existing equivalents.

According to austriamicrosystems, the higher flash power enhances picture and video quality especially in low-light environment at the same system size.

The AS3645 inductive flash driver drives up to 1000 mA and can be used in single LED flash or double LED flash environments. The high-side current source works with up to 2×500 mA with 2 LEDs in serial configuration, and up to 720 mA with 1 LED. When driving 2 LEDs in series, LEDs draw identical currents and provide output light matching and thermal dissipation.

The AS3645 auto detects whether to employ single or dual LED mode, and enables direct one-button torch (flashlight) mode. Safety features protect against circuit damage and improve test time, including programmable current limiting, auto test (LED open/short detection), overvoltage and undervoltage, overtemperature, and automatic flash timeout timer for thermal LED protection during flash.

The AS3645 is available in a tiny WL-CSP package (3×4 balls 0.5 mm pitch, 2×1.6 mm) and has an operating temperature range of -30° to +85°C (ambient).

Pricing: Less than $0.90 in 1000-piece quantities.

Availability: Volume quantities.

Datasheet: Click here.


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