Wolfson launches advanced PMIC line

Edinburgh, UK—Wolfson Microelectronics has launched the WM83xx power management IC line consisting of three devices—WM8310, WM8311 and WM8312— that are processor agnostic and application independent.

Sitting beside the application processor at the heart of consumer products such as mobile phones, navigation devices and media players, the WM83xx PMICs intelligently manage and optimize the use of power within the system to maximize battery life.

The unique design of the WM83xx family enables numerous configuration options, making it compatible with all application and mobile graphics processors, including all ARM based processors, and configurable to address other architectures. Patent pending EEPROM interface technology maximizes design process flexibility, allowing product designers to override the “one time programmable” memory of the PMIC as many times as needed.

The WM83xx devices employ the company's new BuckWise regulator technology, which helps to cut support components and facilitate advanced multitasking. The PMIC frequently has to cope with step functions in power requirements, as different product functions are switched off and on by the user. Rapid changes in power requirements can cause disturbances in the power supply outputs causing potential disruptions in the operation of the processor. To prevent this, additional large external components are often added, and/or the processor speed is reduced to lower the load current.

Wolfson's BuckWise regulator technology eliminates these problems by having what the company says is the best-in-class transient performance. This not only removes the need for additional components, saving board space and lowering total BOM cost, but also releases the application processor's performance capability. This is the key to enabling new levels of user functionality, such as the ability to handle high definition audio and video, and to run true multi-tasking applications.

The enhanced transient performance enables the processor to run at lower voltages, improving power efficiency. System designers can choose to reduce processor power consumption by up to 25% over previous generations of regulators, or to increase processor speed by up to 25%.

The BuckWise regulators also incorporate a Valley Mode Control (VMC) scheme into a PMIC. As process geometries shrink and voltage requirements decrease, Wolfson's Valley Mode technology enables designers to seamlessly transition from node to node with minimum design effort, ensuring compatibility with the next generation of application and mobile graphics processors, without the need to change the power management design.

The WM8310 and WM8312 are housed in a compact 7×7 mm 0.5 mm pitch BGA, well suited for space constrained portable applications; the WM8311 comes in a 8×8 mm 0.65 mm pitch BGA package for low-cost PCB applications such as PND.

Pricing: 10k prices for the WM8310, WM8311 and WM8312 are $3.75, $3.75 and $3.95 respectively.
Availability: Sampling now.
Product brief: click here.

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