Wolfson launches high performance multi-channel audio codec

Wolfson Microelectronics has introduced a multi-channel audio codec, designed to offer a complete high performance audio solution in an ultra thin package for consumer products, including high definition digital televisions, DVD recorders and Blu-ray players.

The WM8595 is an addition to Wolfson's Pure Sound audio portfolio and features flexible routing options, six stereo input selectors and two stereo output selectors, as well as both digital and analogue volume control. Based around one 24-bit high performance ADC and two 24-bit high performance DACs, this comprehensive 2 Vrms audio solution also features channel selection and clocking options to address the audio requirements of leading consumer applications.

The WM8595 claims to provide superior DAC audio performance of 100 dB SNR, -87 dB THD typical, with a sampling frequency of 32 kHz to 192 kHz, and ADC audio performance of 96 dB SNR, -80 dB THD typical, with a sampling frequency of 32 kHz to 96 kHz. Its digital multiplexer interfaces with multiple digital sources, such as DSP, HDMI or a memory card, and it also features a two-wire or three-wire serial control interface with 'read back' and hardware reset, mute and emergency shutdown pins.


The WM8595 is available for sampling now in a 48-pin QFN package.

WM8595 customer evaluation boards are available to aid device evaluation and development.

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