Wolfson launches ultra-compact MEMS microphone line

Edinburgh, UK—Wolfson Microelectronics has launched a line of silicon microphones aimed at bringing crystal clear recording to a range of portable consumer applications such as mobile phones, portable media players, digital still cameras, video cameras, navigation devices and noise canceling headphones.

The first devices available are a pair of compact, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) analog microphones (part numbers WM7110 and WM7120) for use in consumer applications requiring low power consumption and high signal quality. The WM7110 and WM7120 employ the company's proprietary CMOS/MEMS membrane technology called AudioPlus True Mics that is based on its MEMS transducer IP, which uses standard CMOS foundries.

The compact WM7110 (4.72 x 3.76 x 1.25 mm package size) and ultra-compact WM7120 (3.76 x 2.95 x 1.10 mm package size) devices typically consume 160 µA. Both products offer an improved 62 dB SNR (A-weighted) performance, reducing the noise floor in the microphone to ensure cost-effective, crystal clear sound transduction. The devices also feature low THD (total harmonic distortion) of just 0.5% maximum at 100 dB SPL (sound pressure level), high linearity and flat phase response.

Wolfson is also offering enhanced WM7110E and WM7120E versions of the two devices, which are the first MEMS silicon microphones to deliver a sensitivity tolerance of ±1 dB, according to Wolfson.

Pricing: WM7110 and WM7120 are $1.64 per unit in volumes of 1,000.
Availability: The WM7110 and WM7110E will be available for sampling in November and the WM7120 and WM7120E will be available in December.

Datasheet: WM7100, WM7120, WM7110E and WM7120E.

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