World’s first 32-b ARM-based ZigBee radio module

CEL reports that it has released the world's first 32-bit ARM-based ZigBee radio module. The new IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver solution is named the FreeStar Pro (part number ZFSM-201-1) and is based on the Freescale MC13224V 32 bit ARM Platform-in-Package (PiP).

The processing power of the MC13224V enables designers to eliminate the peripheral host processors often required by 8 and 16-bit transceiver solutions. FreeStar Pro modules are well suited for remote sensing, AMR/AMI, home and building automation, industrial control, and security applications. With +20dBm output power and a range of over 4000 feet, they're also a good fit for mesh, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint networks. Transmit current is specified at 150 mA, receive is 21mA, and standby is 1.1μA.

FreeStar Pro modules have a footprint of 23 x 31 mm. They feature an integrated antenna as well as an optional interface for an external antenna. Modules support the Freescale BeeStack™ software, and will be FCC, IC and CE certified.

Evaluation Kits provide two modules mounted on self-contained interface boards. These boards can be optionally battery-powered enabling developers to create and test network connections under real-world environmental conditions. Evaluation Software is also included in the kits that allow designers to configure the modules' settings: transmission channel, network ID, node ID, transmission power, send and receive packets; and determine packet error rates.

FreeStar Pro modules will begin sampling in August with pricing $16 (10,000 qty.)

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