World’s smallest digital TV demodulator?

Freiburg, Germany—Here's news of an ATSC-A/53-compliant demodulator that meets the imminent FCC tuner mandate for the US.

Developed at Micronas , a supplier of consumer electronics ASIC s (application-specific ICs), the DRX3931J is an 8VSB and QAM 64/256 demodulator with integrated IF amplifier. It can demodulate standard and high-definition TV meeting ATSC-A/53 specs for North American broadcast standards, and QAM 64/256 specs as specified by ITU-T J.83 Annex B .

To be offered in a 7 x 7-mm 48-pin QFN package, the DRX3931J is billed by Micronas as the smallest such demodulator in the world, representing an 80% reduction in size compared to competing packages. In addition to being cost-competitive, the reduction in size also makes it suited for space-constrained designs such as multi-tuner applications, PC-based systems, and tuner NIM s (network interface modules).

Multipath Thwarted

The DRX3931J is based on Micronas's primeD 8VSB demodulator. It offers improved performance in multipath environments that are found in cities. It ensures reliable reception under severe signal conditions.

The primeD approach doesn't discard undesired signal echoes, but instead combines them with desired signals. The DRX3931J also optimizes adjacent-channel performance by integrating a broadband input-power detector.

Integrated IF

The device's integrated IF amplifier also lets you design lower-cost tuner modules, further reducing system cost. A pin-compatible version without the integrated IF strip is also available.

The DRX3931J includes a range of software modules to control the device. All modules share a common API (application programming interface). This ensures accelerated design times for quick time-to-market.

Unfortunately, there is no engineering datasheet posted on the company's Web site at this time.

Price is expected to be about $4 a pop in 100,000 annual quantities. Samples are available now, with full production planned for the second quarter.

For more details contact Micronas GmbH, Hans-Bunte-Strasse 19, D-79108 Freiburg, Germany. Phone: +49 761 517 0. Fax +49 761 517 2174.

In the US contact Micronas USA, Inc., 2805 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, Calif, 95054. Phone: 408-625-1200. Fax: 408-625-1299

Micronas USA , 408-625-1200,

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