World’s thinnest Wi-Fi power amplifier chip?

Ottawa, Ontario —A 79-cent paper-thin semiconductor lends itself to wireless transmitters where battery life is paramount. RF IC maker SiGe Semiconductor, Inc . announces what it claims is the world's thinnest PA (power amplifier) for Wi-Fi systems.

Slated for 2.4-GHz band designs, the RangeCharger SE2523BU device comes in a miniature 16-pin 3 x 3-mm square QFN package. The SE2523BU paper-thin package touts a profile of just 0.5-mm (20-mils).

The SE2523BU is the newest addition to the company's existing SE2523x Series of power amplifiers, introduced last year.

Lower Dissipation

SiGe says its ultra-thin design also reduces dissipation by 25% compared to competing products, making it eminently suitable for embedding into portable battery-powered consumer electronics. The SE2523BU also integrates digital-enable circuitry, a power detector, and biasing circuitry.

The SE2523BU typically draws 130-mA (at +18.5 dBm output power), and can operate from a single 3.3-V supply line.

18-dBm Output

In operation, the SE2523BU delivers up to +18.5-dBm power output (about 65-mW) with an EVM (error vector magnitude) spec of 2.5% (operating in IEEE-802.11g mode). All ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio) requirements are met while operating at +23-dBm output power (200-mW) in 802.11b mode.

The PA's power detector is also claimed to improve stability, since it's highly immune to mismatches; it exhibits less than 1.5-dB of variation with a 2:1 mismatch. The power detector stage also offers two selectable power detector slopes, permitting it to be used with multiple chipsets.

To review a datasheet, go to SiGe's Web site and register.

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