X-band power amplifiers avoid ITAR restrictions

Plextek, the Cambridge-based electronics design consultancy, has designed two X-band power amplifier MMICs for a UK electronics component supplier. The 2W and 4W MMICs cover the entire X-band (8 to 12GHz) and are available as bare die, packaged components or connectorised modules for use in applications such as point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radios and radars. A significant advantage, claims Plextek, is that the power amplifiers won't be subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions as fabrication, design and supply is all undertaken by non US companies.

The power amplifers are 50W matched and require no external components. An on-chip active biasing network allows the use of a fixed gate bias potential and helps compensate for performance variation with temperature and process spread.

According to Liam Devlin, director of RF integration at Plextek: “Plextek has offered MMIC design services to its clients for over 10 years and carried out the design of over 30 MMICs.”

These devices are being fabricated on a 0.5mm gate length power PHEMT process, which is suited to high volume production. For more information contact

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