X-Fab adds 0.18-micron process with high-voltage, embedded memory

LONDON — X-Fab Silicon Foundries AG (Erfurt, Germany) has announced the availability of a 0.18-micron high-voltage mixed-signal process.

Known as the XH018 platform, the process offers separate modules for digital, analog, high voltage and embedded non-volatile memory features. The company revamped its 0.35-micron mixed signal process in 2007 [online reference?]

The 0.18-micron process supports various active and passive devices including low on-resistance isolated n-type LDMOS and isolated p-type LDMOS devices. Primitive devices such as mid-voltage and bipolar transistors, MIM capacitors, polysilicon resistors and depletion transistors are catered for.

Based on a SONOS process, the non-volatile memory meets automotive quality requirements, X-Fab claims, whilst for the typical sizes used in analog/mixed-signal applications, SONOS memory has a footprint that is smaller than comparable EEPROM solutions.

Notably, the high-voltage module requires five masks, whilst SONOS requires two masks — so digital, analog, high-voltage and NVM features can be fully integrated on top of the digital baseline with seven additional masks.

“Customers addressing the 0.18-micron analog market space have said they need a high-performance process that delivers cost-competitive designs and design support to get to market quickly,” said Jens Kosch, chief technology officer at X-Fab. He added: “Our new 0.18-micron analog/mixed-signal process with integrated high voltage and embedded NVM that features the industry's leading cost-per-function performance; and our design support that raises the bar in the industry by providing design kits for all major EDA platforms; analog, digital and I/O libraries; IP blocks and hotline support.”

The process, which is supported for high volumes at X-Fab's Sarawak facility in Malaysia, comes with support for X-Fab digital libraries with gate densities up to 115K gates per square millimeter. Analog standard cell libraries, currently in development, will be released later in 2008, the company said.

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