Xilinx demonstrates plug-and-play HDTV reference design

CAMBRIDGE, UK — At CES, Xilinx demonstrated a new consumer video enhancement reference design that bundles advanced digital video algorithms with the manufacturer's low-cost Spartan FPGA for rapid plug-and-play design of HDTVs.

Developed in collaboration with Vestek Electronics Research and Development, the demonstration showcases an off-the-shelf, fully functional design that makes it easier for DTV OEMs to differentiate with picture quality rather than on price alone in high-volume markets.

It features a configurable digital image engine specifically developed by Vestek to enhance image and video quality of flat panel LCDs, pre-programmed to run on the Spartan FPGA for the optimal mix of cost, power, and performance.

The digital image engine incorporates a suite of production-proven video enhancement algorithms that have been shipping in high volume to the European DTV market.

These enhance colour vividness, skin tone, image sharpness, and contrast with each pixel addressed individually instead of universally.

An easy-to-use graphical interface allows designers to adjust parameters and fine-tune picture quality based on the targeted market region.

The Spartan FPGA-based solution eliminates the many engineer-hours required to develop and implement similar algorithms in application-specific standard products (ASSPs) or applications-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

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