XMC module features 1.5 GSPS ADCs

Simi Valley, CA — Innovative Integration has announced the X5-GSPS, an XMC I/O module featuring the 1.5 GSPS, 8-bit dual-channel ADC08D1500 ADCs from National Semiconductor. The module also features a Xilinx Virtex5 SX95T FPGA, 512 MB of DDR2 DRAM, 4MB of QDR-II SRAM memory, and an eight-lane PCI Express host interface.

The X5-GSPS provides a turnkey, modular solution for radio-frequency I/Q demodulation and other wideband analog signal capture applications. IP blocks available from Innovative can be embedded within the FPGA to perform digital down-conversion and decoding, unburdening the host of this computationally-intensive processing functions.

The X5 family can be customized using VHDL and MATLAB using the FrameWork Logic toolset. The MATLAB BSP supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using the graphical, block diagram Simulink environment with Xilinx System Generator.

Software tools for host development include C++ libraries and drivers for Windows and Linux. Application examples demonstrating the module features and use are provided free of charge. Applications include Wireless Receiver, WLAN, WCDMA, WiMAX front end, RADAR, Electronic Warfare, High Speed Data Recording & Playback, High speed servo controls, and IP development.

The X5-GSPS is available now. Quantity 1 pricing is $9,995. For more information, see

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