XP Power reveals first 250 W AC/DC power supply to hit 95 percent efficiency

XP Power (Reading, UK) has introduced what the company claims to be world's first 250 W AC/DC power supply that achieves up to 95 percent efficiency.

The new CCM250's power efficiency performance is designed to reduce the heat generated in medical, IT and industrial systems.

XP says that rival products typically operate at 90 percent maximum efficiency, with 10 percent of the input energy being converted to waste heat that needs to be removed. The five percent improvement in efficiency offered by the CCM250 means that it dissipates only half the heat, reducing or eliminating the requirement for heatsinks, or fans for forced-air cooling.

Removing the need for fans in a system design increases reliability while reducing cost, audible noise, system complexity and size. Avoiding audible noise is a key factor in medical applications, where it disturbs patients. Both conducted and radiated emissions are below Class B limits as defined by EN55011, another important consideration in achieving type approval for medical equipment.

The power supply delivers full output with convection cooling over input voltages from 90 to 275 VAC, and 200 W from 80 VAC, in ambient temperatures of -10 to +50 degrees Centigrade. The device measures only 152.4 x 101.6 x 39.1 mm (6 x 4 x 1.54 inches), which XP claims makes it the smallest product in its class and ideal for fitting in 1U enclosures. Where short-term peak power is needed, for example for motor start-up, the power supply will deliver up to 300 W for 500 ms.

The units have a full feature set for controlling the supply and external monitoring and control equipment. This includes a 5 V standby rail, remote on/off switching and power fail signals.

The design of the CCM250 combines conventional and novel design techniques to achieve what is claimed as a step-function in power density and efficiency. A 3-stage converter using an interleaved, resonant, half-bridge, means that two relatively small transformers can replace one large one, saving board space. A zero current, virtually lossless switching topology for the main converter ensures high efficiency over a wide load range and contributes to exceptional EMI performance. A crystal-controlled clock and digitally generated drive signals are used to ensure accurate, fixed-frequency timing for switching transistors. The power supply's footprint is minimised through innovative mechanical construction. Heat-generating parts are bonded directly to the U-channel chassis, and magnetic components are conduction-cooled, enabling the use of smaller parts.

The CCM250 is now available in sample quantities from Farnell or direct from XP Power. The price is $195 in OEM quantities

Datasheet for: CCM250

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