XStreamHD(TM) Revolutionary Whole-Home Entertainment System Available For Advance Purchase On January 7

MCLEAN, Va. , Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ — XStreamHD , an emerging leader in the delivery and distribution of Full High Definition (HD) entertainment directly to the home has announced for the first time an advance purchase option which will allow consumers to reserve the product prior to the official delivery date of April 30, 2010 .  Consumers can pre-order either XStreamHD 's FAST Start or PRO Start packages with only a $25 deposit to receive guaranteed delivery of the first release systems.  

Consumers can place their order(s) for either the FAST Start or PRO Start packages starting on January 7 , by either visiting the XStreamHD booth at CES, booth number 20913, or XStreamHD's new consumer-friendly Web site,  The re-launch of the XStreamHD Web site will include additional information about the XStreamHD products and features as well as photos, specs and comparisons to other HD entertainment systems.

XStreamHD will provide consumers with an unmatched HD entertainment experience,” said George Gonzalez , founder and CEO of XStreamHD .  “There is really a strong buzz in the enthusiast community about our launch, with many asking to be among the first to receive their XStreamHD units.  We are really excited to announce that consumers will be able to pre-order our revolutionary system in advance of the launch, guaranteeing that they will be among the first to be empowered to create their own customized HD entertainment systems and achieve the optimum HD content experience.”

The XStreamHD FAST Start package includes one HD Media Server with 1TB storage, one HD Media Receiver, RF One Remote Control, and all of the accessories, including one 3m High-Speed Cat2 certified HDMI cable and two 3m Cat5e Ethernet cables.  The PRO Start package includes all of above plus one HD PRO Media Receiver.  The FAST Start package is priced at only $399 while the Pro Start package will be offered for $499 .

XStreamHD 's revolutionary whole-home HD entertainment solution delivers Full HD (1080p) video and up to 7.1 channels of lossless audio, including DTS-HD Master Audio™ and FLAC, directly to the home via satellite, providing consumers with the very latest movies, music and electronic games in higher quality formats than are commercially available from other digital delivery content services.  

Some of XStreamHD's advanced features include:

  • Pre-Fetched Entertainment – Allows users instant access to Full HD entertainment, including first-run content the second it is released by the studio.

  • Network Video Recorder – Includes three HDTV tuners to capture your favorite off-air HDTV programs from start to finish – regardless of schedule changes or programming delays.

  • RF One Remote Control – Leverages ZigBee Pro™ radio frequency (RF) technology that requires no line-of-sight.

  • Direct Alphanumeric Navigation – Quickly locate specific content using the alphanumeric keypad on the RF One Remote Control, similar to the T9Word feature used in texting on mobile devices.

This announcement of the advance purchase option comes on the heels of XStreamHD selecting Jabil Circuit, Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida , as its global partner for manufacturing of its suite of hardware.  Jabil Circuit has begun production of XStreamHD 's HD Media Server, HD Media Receiver and PRO Media Receiver, making possible the advance purchase option. XStreamHD's solution includes an HD Media Server, through which consumers have access to HD content that can be multi-streamed to any XStreamHD Media Receiver or other DNLA Certified™ device in the home. XStreamHD has licensed and deployed ZigBee PRO and Jennic's JN5148 ultra-low power wireless microcontroller technology to enable key elements of the advanced XStreamHD RF One Remote Control, which has the ability to locate the HD Media Receiver out of the line-of-sight without impacting performance.

XStreamHD will be exhibiting at booth #20913 in South Hall at CES 2010, where the team will be demonstrating the product as well as taking a limited number of orders for advance purchase.  All are welcome to visit the XStreamHD booth to see first-hand the system's vast capabilities and to learn about the concept behind the technology. To schedule a booth tour, or for more information, please contact Joseph Ferrary at or (908) 655-5265.

About XStreamHD

XStreamHD is leading the HD revolution, setting a new standard for the delivery and distribution of Full HD entertainment throughout the home.  XStreamHD provides the first-ever transport network to deliver high-definition movies and music directly to the home via satellite – offering Full HD (1080p) video and up to 7.1 channels of lossless audio.  With XStreamHD , consumers can build a customized, unique, and unparalleled in-home entertainment network and enjoy the content they want most including movies, music, electronic games, broadcast HDTV, and more—when it's most convenient, anywhere in the home, and at the quality today's home theaters were designed to support. XStreamHD is based in McLean, Virginia .  For more information, visit


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