Yoogage presents a powerful new tool to engage Twitter users

Yoogage Intelligently gathers users intent on Twitter and bridges them to a business service

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ORLANDO, Fla., June 4, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla. , June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Yoogage, a company focused on developing social media marketing tools, has developed a new way for any business to reach potential customers on Twitter. Yoogage does this by bridging a users intent with a business service.


In order to properly identify and engage potential customers on Twitter, businesses must go beyond the standard keyword and hashtag searches, according to Yoogage founder and CEO, Christian Souza .

“Simply searching for a keyword or aggregating results based on hashtags tells you very little about the users' intent,” says Souza. “That's where Yoogage comes in.”

Using powerful heuristic algorithms, Yoogage analyzes Twitter streams, looking for patterns that signal the intent of a Twitter user to perform a certain action.

“For example, let's say you have a restaurant in the city of Orlando,” says Souza. “If you can identify people traveling to Orlando via their tweets, you can engage those users directly.”

This, Souza says, is a great way of offering potential customers added value.

“Imagine that, as a Twitter user, you tweet about an upcoming visit to Orlando,” he says. “Soon after that, a restaurant from Orlando tweets you and offers a 20% off coupon. We found that when businesses bridge a user's intent with a relevant service using our software, they see between 20–30% return on their engagement.”

This, according to Yoogage, is a far more precise and targeted way to identify potential customers.

“You could do a search for 'Orlando',” says Souza. “But a search like that doesn't necessary distinguish between the city of Orlando, and the actor, Orlando Bloom .”

Hashtag searches aren't much better, Souza points out. “What good is getting a list of all tweets with the hashtag #Orlando?” he asks. “Those tweets could have anything to do with buying a house in Orlando to a question about the Orlando DMV.”

Yoogage cuts through the clutter of those results. The technology behind the system analyzes of Twitter users' activity and gives you greater insight into their intentions.

“Yoogage can differentiate between a casual mention and a more significant one,” explains Souza. “It can tell when someone is asking for, say, a restaurant recommendation in Orlando , versus mentioning someone named Orlando.”

After identifying potential customers, the software takes things a step further, presenting you with a sophisticated set of tools to engage those users.

“You can browse for potential customers, filter your search results, then tag them for future engagement, all from within the Yoogage interface,” says Souza. “It's almost like surgical marketing – you're going after a smaller, much higher-yield subset of your potential customer base. And, since Yoogage has support for multiple languages, you can even target users from different international markets.”

Every business is different. If you have a specific niche, simply use our wizard to create your own campaign.

“There's no need to have separate search and outreach mechanisms,” says Souza. “Yoogage can act as your hub for Twitter marketing.”

Yoogage is currently accepting customers now. Visit for pricing and plans.

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