Z3’s new OEM ready H.264 HD module based on TI’s TMS320DM365 processor provides a more compact, low-power solution for digital video applications

LINCOLN, Neb. , Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Providing the latest in low power multimedia technology solutions and products, Z3 Technology today announced the immediate availability of Z3-DM365-MOD-05, a 44mm x 67mm compact, OEM ready module which supports H.264 codec up to 720p at 30 fps (frames per second) encode and stream in applications such as low bandwidth video security, battery powered A/V (audio/video) recorder, embedded solid-state DVR (digital video recorder), video frame/digital signage, industrial applications and high definition (HD) embedded video sub-systems. Based on the TMS320DM365 DaVinci™ video processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), Z3's Z3-DM365-MOD-05 provides customers with immediate access to multi-format HD video, integrated system peripherals and production qualified codecs so customers can design low cost, video-driven portable and plugged products in a much smaller form-factor. With Z3 multimedia modules, customer's time to market is significantly shortened to only a few months from 12 to 18 months. For more information, visit

Based on the DM365 device that offers pixel-perfect images and multi-format HD video up to 720p, the Z3-DM365-MOD-05 features its unique multimedia-on-module approach and interface allowing customers to quickly integrate the Z3-DM365-MOD-05 into their system to enable HD H.264 support. In addition, Z3's SODIMM edge connector interface provides a flexible, yet cost effective interface to the DM365 device's peripherals and video processing subsystem. Since the DM365 is based on DaVinci™ technology, customers not only benefit from the multimedia flexibility but also proven technology, software, tools and support.  

“Z3-DM365-MOD-05 offers OEM's a proven multimedia module in a compact form-factor. Next generation products require low-power, HD H.264 as well as an easy to use development environment. Z3's Z3-DM365-MOD-05 supports all of these requirements as well as reducing time to market to only a few months,” says Aaron Caldwell , CEO Z3 Technology.

Z3-DM365-MOD-05 is immediately available in a compact 44mm x 67mm form-factor and provides access to all peripherals via the edge connector.

For increased design flexibility, the Z3-DM365-MOD-05 can be combined with Z3's Z3-DM365-APP application board, which provides extra interfaces such as HD component video input and output, HDMI output, composite video input/output, analog audio input/output, headphones, USB stick, Ethernet, serial and power.

“With Z3's new solution based on TI's DM365 DaVinci video processor, customers immediately gain the HD video support their design requires,” says Sonia Ghelani , TI's DM3x product line manager. “With the high peripheral integration and support of Z3's new module, customers gain a very adaptive solution that can be reused in multiple application spaces.”

The Z3-DM365-MOD-05 module based on the DM365 processor is available from Z3 Technology and more information can be found at:  For more information about TI's DM365 processors, please visit

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