Zero-drift amplifier cuts power consumption, increases battery life

Milpitas, CA — Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC2054 and LTC2054HV, the industry's lowest power zero-drift amplifiers for power sensitive applications. At 175μA maximum supply current rated over the industrial temperature range, the LTC2054/LTC2054HV offer a 2.5x reduction in power consumption over existing low power zero-drift amplifiers. This reduction in supply current is crucial for optimum battery life in portable applications such as medical instrumentation, handheld test equipment, electronic scales, and other battery-powered instruments.

“Housed in a miniature SOT-23 package the LTC2054/LTC2054HV feature the best DC accuracy of any zero drift amplifier available. The low input offset voltage of 0.5μV and almost negligible offset drift of 30nV/°C combined with 600fA bias current and 2pA offset current improve total system precision without the need for additional external components or post assembly trim,” according to design manager Nello Sevastopoulos.

The LTC2054 is operational from 2.7V to 6V and the LTC2054HV operates from 2.7V to 11V, accommodating &plusmin;5V designs. Rail-to-rail output voltage swing and a wide input common-mode range that includes ground makes these single supply op amps ideal for use with a wide range of sensors.

Specified for operation over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges, pricing starts at $1.00 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Summary of Features:
– Supply Current: 140μA typ, 175μA Max over -40°C to 85°C
– Input Offset Voltage: 0.5μV typ, 3μV Max
– Vos Drift with Temperature: 30nV/°C Max
– Input Bias Current: 150pA Max over -40°C to 85°C
– Input Offset Current: 300pA Max over -40°C to 85°C
– Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 130dB typ, 120dB Min
– Power Supply Rejection Ratio: 130dB typ, 120dB Min
– Large Signal Voltage Gain: 140dB typ, 125dB Min
– Input Voltage Noise 0.01Hz to 10 Hz: 1.6μV typ
– Slew Rate: 0.5V/μs typ
– Gain Bandwidth: 500kHz typ
– Supply Voltage: 2.7V to 6V (LTC2054) 2.7V to &plusmin;5.5V (LTC2054HV)
– Input Common Mode Range: V- to V+ -0.5V
– Rail-to-Rail Output Voltage Swing
– 5-Pin SOT-23 (ThinSOT) Package

LTC2054 data sheet

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