Zero-Drift Amplifiers – for precision signal conditioning

Texas Instruments announced a series of 12V, zero-drift operational amplifiers from the company's Burr-Brown product line which are ideal for high-precision, power-sensitive applications requiring stability over time and temperature.

Targeted applications include temperature measurement, medical instrumentation, precision strain gages, handheld test equipment, electronic scales, automotive systems and battery-powered instruments. The OPA734 and OPA735 families use auto-zeroing techniques to provide low offset voltage (5&microV max) and near zero drift over time and temperature (0.05&microV/&degC max).

Additional features include low quiescent current (750&microA max), low bias current (200pA max), 1.6MHz bandwidth and rail-to-rail output swing within 50mV of the rails.

The OPA734 family includes a shutdown mode allowing the device to be switched from normal operation to a standby current that is less than 9&microA and the output placed in a high-impedance state.

The OPA734 and OPA735 operate on single or bipolar supplies from +2.7V to +12V (±1.35V to ±-6V). All versions are specified from -40&degC to +125&degC. The OPA734 (single version with shutdown) comes in a SOT23-6 and SO-8. The OPA735 (single without shutdown) is packaged in a SOT23-5 and SO-8.

The OPA2734 (dual with shutdown) comes in an MSOP-10 and SO-8. The OPA2735 (dual without shutdown) is available in an MSOP-8 and SO-8.

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