Zero-drift high side current sense amplifier provides 10-microvolts offset

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology's LTC6102 is a zero-drift high side current sense amplifier that provides a maximum input offset voltage of 10-µV and is capable of accepting differential sense voltages up to 2-V.

The resulting 106-dB of dynamic range allows the LTC6102 to resolve micro-amps from amps of current. Compared to other current sense amplifiers, the dramatically lower offset of the LTC6102 allows for proportionately lower sense resistance without sacrificing resolution. Lower sense resistance means less wasted power and heat. The precision of the LTC6102 is bolstered by a near zero guaranteed input offset drift of less than 50-nV/°C and a guaranteed input bias current of less than 3-nA.

External resistors, selected by the designer, determine gain, gain accuracy and gain drift, and using precision resistors enables gain accuracy better than 99%. The topology of the LTC6102 allows the designer to customize power consumption, response time and the I/O impedance characteristics for the application. Furthermore, the LTC6102 has a 1-µs response time, allowing it to initiate fault protection or power shutdown in the event of unexpected load or supply current surges.

Two versions provide the choice of common mode voltage: the LTC6102 operates with inputs up to 70-V, and the LTC6102HV operates with inputs up to 105-V.

Pricing: $1.72 each in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: Full production.
Datasheet: click here.

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