ZeroShrink Links Jewelry Wholesalers and Retailers to RFID

Printable RFID tags, bulk scanning and online tracking are some of the new features in ZeroShrink Standard 2.0

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BOSTON, March 7, 2012

BOSTON , March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TJS released today ZeroShrink Standard 2.0, an enhanced version of its best-selling RFID software for jewelry. Standard 2.0 is specifically designed to address the inventory control needs of all jewelers — from single jewelry stores to large jewelry chains and wholesale operations.

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“ZeroShrink has served individual jewelry retailers for many years, helping them create critical operational efficiencies through faster stock takes, accurate item tracking and elimination of shrinkage. Now, version 2.0 brings those same benefits to low-volume jewelers as well as high volume ones by introducing bulk scanning, printable RFID and platform-agnostic integration,” says TJS Chief Marketing Officer Johnny Hazboun .

The software comes with its own inventory tracking application, but for those already using an inventory-management-software, ZeroShrink is delivered with an Application Programming Interface (APIs) for easy add-on. Jewelers can choose from a set of APIs which have enabled integration with many popular point-of-sale systems and custom inventory management platforms. Standard Edition 2.0 also links to a new web-based service from TJS that allows users to look up their inventory remotely.

“Jewelry is always on the move –thousands of items move daily from the warehouse to the tradeshow floor, from the distribution center to the retail store and from the representative back to the warehouse. Version 2.0 is designed to track these movements accurately and fast. We've added mobile scanners which can be taken on the road, easy-to-use functions that allow inventory transfers between locations and the ability to scan hundreds of items and put on memo within seconds from anywhere. We also know that jewelers want to view the status of their inventory while on the road, so we've added access to online tracking to help them monitor their stock remotely,” Hazboun says.

ZeroShrink Standard Edition 2.0 is sold as part of a Standard Kit starting at $2,000 per store. The package includes TJS InSite tracking appliance with access to the online tracking, a wireless scanner, a desktop scanner and 100 RFID tags of the jeweler's choice.

TJS will demonstrate ZeroShrink Standard 2.0 at the following shows: Jewelry Security Alliance, Las Vegas March 7-9 ; MJSA, NYC March 11-13 and the Polygon Conclave, Los Angeles March 23-25 .

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About TJS

TJS, a privately held company, was founded in 2005 to support a more efficient inventory financing structure for the gold jewelry industry using RFID. In early 2006, TJS rolled out its inventory tracking platform to a retail jeweler in Dubai and has since expanded into the world's best-selling RFID software for jewelry. 

With TJS products, jewelers can achieve complete visibility of their products with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Retailers, financial institutions, and security service providers are using TJS products to monitor their high-value items across multiple locations. 

TJS item tracking software is deployed across 15 countries in Asia , Europe , South America and North America , tracking over 3 million jewelry items valued at over $800 million .

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