ZigBee Development Platform – prototyping, evaluation, demonstration

Chipcon released a complete ZigBee development platform, including hardware, the ZigBee protocol stack as well as development tools.

The CC2420 ZigBee Development Kit is highly suited as a prototyping, evaluation and demonstration platform targeting various real life ZigBee applications. With this kit it will be easier for system designers to develop their applications. Instead of solving complex radio and network issues, designers can now focus on building applications on top of the ZigBee standardized framework.

It is widely recognized that standards such as Bluetooth and WLAN are not suited for low power applications, caused by these standards' high node costs as well as complex and power hungry RF-ICs and protocols. With ZigBee, however, the case is different. ZigBee is the only standard that specifically addresses the typical needs of wireless control and monitoring applications.

The CC2420 ZigBee Development Kit includes the Z-Stack from Figure 8 Wireless. The Z-Stack object code, tools and documentation will be provided as an End Customer distribution package available for download from the Chipcon ZigBee Developer Site after purchase of the CC2420 ZigBee Development Kit.

Chipcon AS , 0349 Oslo, Norway.

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