ZigBee module delivers +6 dBm output power

Santa Clara, Calif.—California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), the sales and marketing arm of NEC Electronics, is shipping its MeshConnect ZigBee radio module that delivers +6 dBm output power and receive sensitivity of -98 dBm.

The module is the latest in its line of ZigBee/802.15.4 transceiver products, and is based on CEL's MeshConnect IC, an integrated platform that combines a powerful RF transceiver with a baseband modem, hardware MAC and 8051-based 8-bit microprocessor.
The module is FCC, CE, and IC certified, eliminating costly and time consuming regulatory testing.

Applications include basic 802.15.4 applications in which simple wireless point to point, point to multipoint, or mesh networking is required, such as wireless sensor networks and serial wire replacement.

The MeshConnect module runs at 250-Kbit/s, 500-Kbit/s or a full 1-Mbit/s. It has a built in codec processor that enables voice and low resolution video applications such as security cameras, walkie-talkies, and intercom systems. For battery-powered systems, the MeshConnect module has transmit and receive mode characteristics. In standby mode, power consumption is less than 0.3 microamps.

Pricing: Less than $15 per module in 1K quantities.
Availability: Now.
For more information: click here.

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