ZMD launches IO-Link high-voltage driver with DC-DC converter

ZMD AG (Dresden, Germany) recently introduced the first member of a family of high-voltage line drivers. The ZIOL2401 combines a two-channel IO-Link driver with a DC-DC converter capable of producing up to 15 volts, enabling it to power external sensors. The part has been designed to meet the physical layer requirements of sensor and actuator systems used in factory automation applications, as IO-Link is an open standard that provides a flexible, field bus-independent solution that is said to be easy to install and enables existing sensor networks to be quickly upgraded.

Commented Bernhard Huber, Standard Products Business Line Manager at ZMD AG. “With IO-link, we close the communication gap at the basic sensor/actuator-to-controller level in a way that simplifies the overlapping range of existing interfaces, such as PNP, push-pull, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS232 and RS422. Furthermore, we add the error checking and diagnostics that enable the validation of machines and equipment down to the lowest sensor and actuator level.”

ZMD's IO-Link drivers are fully configurable and offer complete diagnostics capabilities, as well as a temperature sensor. In addition to I/O Link device and master ports, the device supports standard I/O and works with both 3.3V and 5V systems

Programmable features include the output slew rate, enabling customers to optimise the device's EMC behaviour. Configuration parameters are stored in an on-chip EEPROM and loaded during power up. The ZIOL2401 reports back all status information, such as an overload condition or over-temperature. An SPI interface supports the access to configuration and status registers.

On-chip EEPROM read/write functionality is guaranteed across the entire operating temperature range (-25°C and +85°C) in combination with a low core voltage supply of 3.3V. The integrated DC/DC converter has an adjustable output voltage from 3V to 15V to provide power for the application circuit, whilst the device can handle supply voltages up to 36V.

An application kit is available, including an evaluation board and Windows-based configuration tool. The IC comes in a 4 x 4mm QFN24 package, with exposed die paddle to ensure optimum heat distribution.

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