Zytronic touch technology wins at Bingo

Digital jukebox specialist Sound Leisure has integrated Zytronic's ZYBRID Projected Capacitive Technology into its latest jukebox system. The 'Milestones in Music' (MIM) system not only holds thousands of audio and video tracks, but the touchscreen functionality enables it to incorporate interactive Bingo. The system has been designed to allow pubs and clubs to take advantage of laws that allow Bingo to be played without a gaming licence where the stakes do not exceed £2000 per week.

The MIM system boasts a clear and bright touchscreen that enables the site manager to enter his or her manager's menu in the Bingo software. In contrast to traditional touchscreens, the ZYBRID's capacitor array has been embedded within a front-faced glass and plastic laminated overlay, keeping it well protected from accidental or deliberate damage, dirt or dust.

Commented Chris Black, managing director at Sound Leisure: “We chose ZYBRID for its excellent product features. As most of our units are situated in public areas, drink spills, for example, are a common occurrence. This will have a negative effect on some types of touchscreens, but with ZYBRID, we simply wipe the units clean and they keep on working. It is an extremely cost-effective solution.”

The software will also include other touchscreen-led features, such as displaying JPEG based advertising and the ability to add an event planner, to publicise the venue's upcoming activities directly on the jukebox using a memory stick or Flash card reader.

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